AWES PRT General Aptitude Exam

41. Which chemical was an important symbol in our freedom struggle?
a. Sodium Hydroxide b. Calcium Phosphate c. Sodium Nitrate d. Sodium Chloride
42. Milk is unique in its nutritive value, it is a poor source of:-
a. Fat b. Calcium c. Protein d. Iron
43. Which of the following rivers originates in Maharashtra flows through Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh to meet the Bay of Bengal in Andhra Coast?
a. Cauvery b. Mahanadi c. Godavari d. Krishna
AWES PRT General Aptitude
44. The main occupation of the Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) people was:-
a. Hunting b. Farming c. Animal Husbandry d. Fishing
45. The name of India's first aircraft carrier is:-
a. INS Kukri b. INS Nilgiri c. INS Himgiri d. INS Vikrant
46. The highest peace time gallantry award is:-
a. Sena Medal b. Ashok Chakra c. Param Vir Chakra d. Vir Chakra
47. The mobile handset Black Berry is manufactured by:-
a. RIM b. Datawind c. Motorola d. Nokia
48. Clove the commonly used spice, is obtained from:-
a. Fruit b. Stem c. Flower Bud d. Root
49. 'ELISA' test is employed to diagnose:-
a. Swine Flu b. Polio Virus c. AIDS antibodies d. Cancer
AWES PRT General Aptitude
50. Jhumpa Lahiri is an Indian:-
a. Singer b. Actress c. Writer d. Poet

51. VGA is:-
a. Video Graphics Adapter b. Volatile Graphics Array c. Visual Graphics Array d. Video Graphics Array
52. WAN stands for:-
a. Wireless Area Network b. Wide Array Net c. Wide Area Network d. Wap Area Network
53. Which of the following is not valid version of MS Office?
a. Office XP b. Office Vista c. Office 2007 d. None of the above
54. Portrait and Landscape are:-
a. Paper Size b. Page Layout c. Page Orientation d. All of the above
55. What is the smallest and largest font size available in Font size tool formatting bar?
a. 12 and 7 b. 8 and 64 c. 8 and 72 d. None of the above
56. It is a graphics solution for Word Processors?
a. Clipart b. Word Art c. Drop Cap d. All of the above
57. Which of the following is not a video file extension?
a. JPG b. MP4 c. QT d. AVI
58. The name of a Microsoft Office Word document is displayed in the task bar and the:-
a. Formatting toolbar b. Menu bar c. Standard toolbar d. Title bar
59. Web pages are saved in the following format:-
a. URL b. DOC c. HTML d. None of the above
60. To get help when using office, you would click:-
a. Esc b. F2 key c. F10 key d. F1 key
61. The combination of keys to come to the top of the worksheet:-
a. Ctrl and Home b. Ctrl and Arrow key c. Alt and Page up d. Page Up
62. The spelling dialogue box can be involved by selecting form the:-
a. Tools b. Review menu c. Insert menu d. File menu
63. Which PowerPoint feature adds special effect to modify the appearance of the slides and the timing between each slide?
a. Transition Settings b. Handouts c. Animation d. Color Scheme
64. Slide Sorter of PowerPoint is available on:-
a. Insert menu b. View menu c. File menu d. Edit menu
65. How can you stop a slide show?
a. Press Escape b. Press the right arrow c. Press the down arrow d. Press the left arrow
66. Which of the following is not an Email Program?
a. Lotus cc b. Eudora c. Mozilla firefox d. Microsoft Outlook
67. The file which is created through word processing is a:-
a. Document file b. Graphical file c. Database file d. Storage file
68. With reference to multimedia elements, pick the odd one out.
a. Animation b. Graphics c. Voice Script d. Audio/Video
69. Google is:-
a. Website b. Search Engine c. A virus program

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