Hatnala Bazaar:


With the establishment of road links and development, being the central place to all the nearby villages Hatnala Bazaar steadily developed as the village's commercial street and the hub of its social life. You can find almost anything that you might look forward in your daily need in the village. Plus the Rural hospital, banks and other govt offices are also located here.


Basantpur Camp:

Any guess why this place is called Bansantpur camp, there is long believe. Once army of Mandi king has organised a camp or has halted in Khad next to Basantpur village and since then this place being called as Basantpur Camp. Today this is the educational hub of Sandhole. It began with shifting of Govt High School from Naun where this school started in year early years of 20th century (may be 1904 to be confirmed). This continued to remain as one of premier institute of Sandhole. It has been now upgraded to Senior Secondary School. Currently many private school can be found in this place and govt has also opened an Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in year 2011.

Basantpur Camp is also the bus stand of Sandhole but unfortunately it is still in the Khad and washed away in every rainy season.

panorama view Sandhole

panorama view Sandhole


Badaur Shahar:

Located on the left bank of river Beas and right bank of khad Bakkar, it used to be a main trading centre. There was a time when the means of commuting in the area were poor, no permanent road link and people had to cross the river with the help of boats. At that time, this area was the main market as it served the central connecting point for the areas of Sujainpur and Jaisighpur. After the establishment of all weather road network, the focus shifted to Hatnala bazaar.

However, this area is still known for fish food due to its location on the bank of the Beas . People visit the area in the evening and the morning for getting fish. They mainly relish mahasheer, sighara, saloi and dhamber varieties found in the Beas waters.

This place also hosts Nalwari fair every year in month of April.

This place has got a new life with the construction of Harsipattan bridge over the Beas river connecting Sandhole (Mandi) with Harsi / Jaisinghpur (Kangra). Once again this place has become a tourist and business attarcation for the people not only from Sandhole but from Kangra district as well.


Kamlah Fort

According to historians, Ishwari Sen built the fort in 1625 AD at an inaccessible place to store the treasury of the then kings of Mandi state. The fort was of great strength, its natural advantages being turned to the best account in the arrangements of the fortifications. The only approach was along a steep narrow pathway rising in steps and commanded for its whole length by loop-holed bastions. On the halway there is short platform, capable of holding a strong guard and offering an excellent point of resistance too an enemy that succeeded in reaching so far. Once Kangra's King Sansar Chand eyed its treasure and hatched conspiracy to capture the fort but the attempt was foiled. But Sen's forces defeated them and killed some of Sen's traitors and soldiers of Sansar Chand.

In the fort there is a temple of Baba Kamlahia

Kamlah Fort Raani Ki Goofa

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