Schools facilitate social continuity by enriching our children with our history, our collective knowledge and cultures. The classroom is also the nationís laboratory, where we create the kind of society we aspire to live in. Schools can be truly visionary, creating an environment where children can engage in the quest for knowledge. Schools can empower children to become informed and self-reliant adults. Schools can imbue our children with the spirit of inquiry and reform, essential to the creation of enlightened leaders that can transform India into the just society that we aspire to

A number of schools ranging from Play School to Senior Secondary School are situated in and around Sandhole. An attempt is being made to put information about all the schools here, but this is just begining and public/viewer/schools are requested to provide as more information.

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Wants to learn English online

Follow the YouTube Channel - English Tutorials by Poonam Thakur. You will find videos on Class 11 and Class 12 CBSE books - Hornbill, Snapshot, Flamingo and Vistas.

Explanation / Paraphrase of poem An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum