Kamlah Fort History:


Situated in the Sarkhaghat tehsil of Mandi District of HP, Kamlah fort is one of the strongest and invincible fort. This fort is approx 100 km from district headquater and bus service is available to reach. It is situated at height of 4500feets. On the top of fort is temple of Baba Kamlahiya. There are approx 1000 stairs between road and temple. Raja Hari Sen, ruler of Mandi started the constuction of fort in the year 1605, but he died before its completion. Later on his son raja Surya Sen continued to unfinished worked. King Shyam Sen, Shamsher Sen and Ishwari Sen ruled the State of Mandi and this fort remained as one of hideout and storage place. During the rule of Raja Ishwari Sen, ruler of Kangra, raja Sansar Chand along with general of fort named Murli & Manku hatched a conspiracy to conquer this fort. One of loyal soldier Bhagu came to know about this and he with his intelligence & bravery didn't let it happen. Thereafter when King came to know about this he beheaded Murli & Manku. Jalim Sen and his son Balbir Sen were the next heir of Mandi thrown. Prince NoNihal son of Raja Khaagad Singh attacked Mandi state but could not capture Kamlah Fort. King NoNihal made numerous attempts to capture Kamlah fort with his able commanders General Bechura (French National) and Sardar Ajit Singh Sindh Walia but could succeed in the end with great difficulty. In 1846, the king of Mandi Balbir Singh with the help of Britishers got the fort free from Sikhs. As per the treaty dated March 1846 this fort came under the Mandi district of British Govt. Total area of this fort is now 101 biga and is under the language & culture department of govt. This information is based upon the as written on the board inside the fort.


Baba Kamlahiya Ji:


As per believe, Baba Kamlahiya and Baba Balaknath arrived on the Dev Bhoomi of Himachal Pradesh from Jammu. They were very impressed with the holiness of this land. Baba Balaknath settle down at Shahtalayi and Baba Kamlahayia travelling through Palampur, Sarkhaghat arrived on the hills of Kamlahgarh. He was found this place very ideal and started his bhakti under a tree. Everyday Baba used to collect milk from an old lady. One-day baba had to wait for a long time as lady had gone to bring fodder for her cattle. When babaji asked reason for delay, tired & angry lady started yelling on him. On hearing this baba returned empty handed and never seen again. There after every effort to search did not bear any fruit. There after a shepherd, whose sheep & goats used to graze on those hills, saw that one of his goat is spraying her milk under a tree where Babaji worshiped. When shepherd reached there he saw statue and hence a believe came into existence that Babaji has scarified himself. He started that place and found that his herd growing a phenomenal face. Since then day after day glory and fellowship of Babaji started growing and Babaji never let his true devotes going empty handed. It is said that once the tree dried, devotes build a temple.


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Recent Develpoment:

In May 2008, the place was in news as 10 disintegrated human skulls found here while digging the fields close to the fort. Villagers suspect there could be more skulls in the region. Then Mandi SP M. Chandra Sekhar said the human skulls appeared to be of the old time. These were disintegrated beyond recognition. We are asking the forensic experts and archaeologists to examine the human skulls, he added.


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