Kidz Store - Retail and Consumer Merchandise

197/6,Samkethar Bazar, Mandi, India 175001

Kidz Store is for baby and kids products having mission to provide best of the products/brands at the lowest prices with great shopping experience

Kids Store Mandi

Kids Store Mandi

Kidz Store is a lively, very colourful and good-natured store dedicated towards Kids only. Fun-filled environment, that promotes the items on display, segmented by type and age, thereby enabling a greater recognition and loyalty by customers part. A venue tailor-made for every family, where both parents and children feel good.WE GUARANTEE SPECIALIZED SERVICE IN CHILDCARE PRODUCTS AND DEVOTE THE UTMOST ATTENTION TO BABIES’ SAFETY AND COMFORT. ZIPPY OFFERS A WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS FOR KIDS FASHION Clothing + Footwear + Accessories

Ages 0-24 months Ages 2-14 years

(THE BABY’S CULT) At Zippy, you’ll find our own brands of Larger - ZY Safe – and Smaller Childcare Products - ZY Baby – which guarantee the best value for money.

WE GUARANTEE SPECIALIZED SERVICE IN CHILDCARE PRODUCTS AND DEVOTE THE UTMOST ATTENTION TO BABIES’ SAFETY AND COMFORT. ZIPPY IS PART OF SONAE, WHICH WAS FOUNDED IN PORTUGAL IN 1959. Currently the largest non-financial Portuguese private group, Sonae comprises a team of some 42.000 employees worldwide. With a strong presence in several countries, in several branches of business, the Sonae group brings together know-how and experience in internationalizing its brands, thereby making it a strong business partner. ZIPPY’S BIG FAMILY HOW WAS ZIPPY “BORN”? With several prizes won, ZIPPY is the most recognized brand in children's fashion in Portugal. ZIPPY first appeared in 2004 in response to children´s wishes and needs. By bringing together the widest assortment of clothing and accessories for kids ages 0 to 14 and with a strong emphasis on design, innovation and value for money, ZIPPY quickly became a true friend of parents. Today, we can proudly state that ZIPPY stands out for its success, as it provides a broad and diversified supply, where safety, comfort and the best price are values that permeate our business model. With all its liveliness, energy and irreverence, ZIPPY is truly the kids’ brand. Come and explore our small great world. Kidz Store is FOR CHILDREN AND HAS to GROW WITH THEM FROM AGES 0-14, FROM CLOTHES TO CHILDCARE, TO FURNITURE AND TOYS. Its commitment is to continue investing in the quality, price and design relationship of its products, contributing to the kids’ well-being, and deserving to be trusted by parents.It offers the best value-product and design for money. as it anticipates and understands the needs of all parents, who are not always willing to spend a whole lot on clothing with a short useful life, either because their kids quickly outgrow it, or because of the careless way they wear and use it. Discover the simple, genuine world of children. A reference to both parents and children.


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