Himachal Pradesh is a multireligional, multicultural and multilingual state like other Indian states. The Hindu's are in the majority but state does has Muslim, Christian, Sikh and Tibetans residing here and enjoying the same rights. Sandhole is no exception when it comes to rights. Most of the population here belongs to Hindu community. The Pahari is common language (dialect). Apart from it Hindi , English, Mandyali and Kangri are understood and spoken by the people.


People of Himachal Pradesh (Sandhole) love thier festivals and participate in all fairs & festivals with equal zeal & great enthusiam. Most of them are associated with seasonal changes and displays a glimpse of people's live, culture and custom. All major festival are celebrated but prominent of them that takes the centre stage are

Lohari: First festival of the year

Holi: Festival of colour - It is celebrated with great fun and fare in Suajanpur Tihra, Palampur and Jaisinghpur but Sandhole is not far behind. A mela is conducted at Naun. people from all villages turn up there to enjoy garam-garam jalebi and aloo cholle.

The Nalwar Fair:
The nalwar fair(mela) of sandhole conducted in Bador Shehar (Dippu), This fair held in the month of March or first week of April every year.

The idea was motivated by a shortage of good breed bullocks, which are so important for good agriculture and are a prominent feature of the economy of the hilly terrain. In the beginning people from Sujanpur, Hamirpur, Sarkaghat, Nadun and adjoining area of Punjab used to participate and bring bullocks of good breed, But as now fair has gathered local touch slightly. But still there is more fragrances of "jalebi, kache meeti ke Ghadon ki Khushbu". This signifies that Agriculture is still main occupation here.

On the occasion of closing day, wrestler form Sandhole and nearby places even from Punjab show their skills to win the Kusti boot. It is big crowd puller event and winner is honored in closing ceremony with a trophy and cash award.

Nalwar of sundernager and jahu are also famous

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Local Recipes

Madira (Aloo, Chole or Rajmah) : Cooked purely in dahi and without adding any other ingredients.

Cut the potatoes in two pieces and fry them in the oil. Put editable oil in a pan, heat it for while but not very hot and then add dahi to it. Stir it continuously otherwise dahi will split, spoiling your preparation.

Once it is turn red and loose oil it ready to add the masala as per your taste. Add haldhi, salt, garam masala etc. Add fried potatoes and cook for some time.

Contributed by : Thakur

Sepu Badi:
Sepu Badi or Mukund Badi is the specialist of Mandi and is equally popular in Sandhole. Generally it forms one of dishes of Dham.

Its preparation is two folds process, first preparation of raw Sepu Badi from mixture of Urad and Chana dal. This is available in the market as well.

Second process is to convert these into a dish. Fry the pieces of Sepu Badi's in vegetable editable oil. Prepare a masla by cooking curd in oil, make sure you stir it continuously till it turn into thick red paste and oil separates from paste. Add dhania, haldi, chilli, methi and salt according to your taste. Add Sepu Badi & water and cook it for half an hour.

Great Mandi dish is ready to serve.

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