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Very nice
Gulshan Katoch 20 Jul 2011

Attech more photographs and senries of SANDHOLE because thousands of Sandholu lives out of Sandhole will take enjoy the photographs and secnries of there native land SANDHOLE . THANK YOU
Sunil Sharma - 08 Aug 2011

Hi, Sandhol is in our heart, add some quality images to this site.
Pankaj Jamwal - 20 Aug 2011

please add new photographs of newly constructed bridge over river beas and temple of triveni mahadev
Desh Raj Barwal - 29 Aug 2011

dear sir, i am ashok thakur, lashani-gwalla,p.o sandhole,teh-sarkaghat,distt-mandi hp pin code-176090 there is lots of problems of water supply,not for drinking & for aggriculture and roads main problems, manny of families have migrated from here because the government doesn't provide any facilities there........pls do media to make presure on government
Ashok Thakur - 09 Sep 2011

Deori is a small village situated near bus stand and it is in the heart of sandhole. Since you know that all the roads in sandhole get metaled. But the road which is near by the bus stand means from both sides, still have to face rainy season every year. So in that case you and ur group has already taken the initiatives so please forward this query also. Bcoz this is need of every sandholian. And i also want to know that who all have started this site please.let me know regarding this
Sunny - 31 Dec 2011

hi admin i want to know about the temple situated somewhere near village kanui. i planned to visit there could u tell where is the exact location n hw to get their
Naina - 15 Feb 2012

If any one know the details of above mentioned temple please reply at

we want part time job like online data entry or any other work pls tell me
Suresh Kumar - 23 Feb 2012

If any one can help Mr kumar, he can be contacted at , Thanks


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