Why Medicines?

The current world we suffer from so many unknown problems and therefore needs good medical facilities in the vicinity. But situation is not so good here.... We have a Govt. Rural Hospital but that lacks facilities that a modern hospital should have. Hospital, Private Clinics and Chemist Stores are:


Community Health Centre (CHC)

Hatnala Bazaar Sandhole

Phone: 01905-XXXXXXXXXX

Rural Hospital has been promoted to CHC but it still lacks the basic facilities. Many of posts of doctors remains vacant for very long period. HP Health Minister Thakur Kaul Singh while inaugurating Primary Health Centre at Pehad panchayat in May 2015 announced that Community Health Centre (CHC) Sandhole will have Ultrasound facilities. But this promise is yet to be implemented and facility to be made functional.

Private Clinics

Thakur Clinic

Dr Rakesh Thakur

Chemist Stores